Executive Ed.D. in Higher Education Leadership

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Accepting applications for Fall 2024.


Become the Leader Who Listens, Understands, Inspires.

The University of Miami Executive EdD in Higher Education Leadership offers a choice between two study concentrations for earning the Doctor of Education degree:

We prepare students for transformational leadership roles across influential components of American society, from colleges and universities and education-related organizations to community nonprofits, foundations, and public policy think tanks.

The Executive EdD program’s  intensive cohort model allows professionals to  study while maintaining their jobs and careers and  connect to a support network of fellow students. In monthly meetings for three years, the cohort comes together to focus on course content, engage in lively discussion and exchange, and respond to copious feedback.  Dissertation proposals are written as part of coursework; and students study year round (with semester class breaks), which enables them to  complete their coursework and dissertations within three to four years. Each of the two concentrations requires 60 credit hours beyond the master’s degree. Students from both concentrations share all research courses, dissertation proposal seminar, proposal writing courses, and several elective courses.

Meet an Alumna - Higher Education Leadership Concentration, Ed.D

Sandra Gross, EdD 2018
Dean of International Programs and Intercultural Education
Universidad Internacional del Ecuador, Quito, Ecuador
University of Miami Doctoral Dissertation: The Underrepresentation of Women Studying Engineering: A Grounded Theory Case Study


Community Leadership Concentration, Ed.D

Program Concentrations

The Higher Education Leadership Concentration

Ours is the only program based in strategic enrollment management, a holistic approach that emphasizes effective communication and collaboration across office lines to effect student success and institutional vitality. Data-driven decision-making is central to all we do. Foundational courses instill clear understanding of higher education and its role in society with an emphasis on campus culture and equity; quantitative and qualitative research courses provide the tools for solving problems and taking advantage of opportunities at your institution; and concentration courses highlight today’s most pressing institutional needs and concerns.

The Community Leadership Concentration

Ours is the only program that combines training in community and educational leadership simultaneously. Students learn how to lead social justice initiatives and development and change in community organizations and in educational settings, gaining valuable skills in applied research, program development, program evaluation, social change, and community participation. Graduates also gain knowledge in the highly sought field of civic and community engagement and in diversity and equity promotion in university settings. Foundational courses instill clear understanding of the community engagement and social change processes that are essential to advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion in multiple sectors.