Research, Measurement & Evaluation Ph.D.

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The RME Ph.D. Program is guided by the following vision and mission statements:

The vision of the RME program is to be a central part of “putting methods into practice” in the social sciences and/or education.

The mission of the RME Ph.D. program is to to provide students with the requisite training in the application of statistical and measurement methodologies to conduct original research in the fields of research and measurement methodology, and to serve as an expert in the areas of research design, measurement, statistics, and data analytics.

The Ph.D. in Research, Measurement, and Evaluation (RME) program provides in-depth knowledge of intermediate and advanced statistical and measurement methodologies and prepares scholars to make original and innovative contributions to the fields of research methodology in education, psychology, and social sciences.

The Ph.D. program in RME is designed to provide students with expertise in one or more specialized areas of measurement or statistical modeling and in-depth training in the intermediate and advanced statistical and measurement methodologies, as well as preparing individuals to make original contributions to the fields of measurement and pscyhometrics. The program aims to provide students with the necessary mentoring and experiences to produce innovative research that advances methodology used in education and social sciences. Students are encouraged to present research work in regional, national, and international conferences, and to publish their work in peer-reviewed journals. In this respect, students are being prepared to pursue influential positions in the field of research methodology, such as faculty positions at research-intensive universities and research scientist positions in research and testing organizations.

The Ph.D. program places an emphasis on gaining hands-on skills with respect to the design and analysis of quantitative research studies and conducting research that advances our knowledge and application of research methodology. Beginning as early as the second year of training, students are involved in applied field experiences and mentored apprenticeships in which they actively conduct research using statistical and measurement methodology under the supervision of RME faculty. Beginning in their third year of the program, students are encouraged to present original research at regional and national conferences and to publish in peer-reviewed journals.