Virtues as Properly Motivated, Self-integrated Traits

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Virtues as Properly Motivated, Self-integrated Traits was funded by Drs. Blaine Fowers’ (EPS) and Brad Cokelet’s (Philosophy) grant from the Self, Motivation, and Virtues (SMV) project, funding for which came from the Templeton Foundation.

The project begins on Sept 1st 2016 and is funded through May 201. The project represents an unique interdisciplinary partnership between psychology and philosophy to examine the “virtue” as an intersection of the two fields and representative of what Blaine and Brad describe as a “stalled conversation with skeptics about psychological realism and the nature of virtue.

This project builds upon ideas in Blaine’s recent book “The Evolution of Ethics: Human Sociality and the Emergence of Ethical Mindedness" as well as his very popular undergraduate course for the Human and Social Development major, EPS 291: Community and Character Development.