Fun for Wellness

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Fun For Wellness is designed to improve your well-being. This research-based program aims to promote well-being in six areas of life: Interpersonal, Community, Occupational, Physical, Psychological, and Economic. In short, we call these domains of life I COPPE.

The program includes videos, humor, games, chat rooms, and informational video clips. All of them help you master seven drivers of change: Behaviors, Emotions, Thoughts, Interactions, Context, Awareness, and Next Steps (BET I CAN). With many games and over 150 challenges to beat, we're confident you will find the material useful, relevant, and engaging.

Fun For Wellness has been evaluated in two randomized controlled trials. The first one was with a population of healthy adults, whereas the second one was with people with obesity. Findings from both studies indicate that FFW is effective in improving subjective well-being in different areas of life such as psychological, interpersonal, and physical. In addition, FFW was found effective in helping participants take concrete actions to improve their well-being, enhancing general and specific self-efficacy, and increasing physical activity. Finally, FFW was also effective in improving physical and mental health status.

Please review the following papers that describe the Fun For Wellness research studies: