Community and Social Change M.S.Ed.

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“I was accepted into the CSC program after I had been in the not for profit sector for a decade. I was astounded on how much information I gained to project the organization I founded to the next level. It's been 5 years since I graduated and have had tremendous growth, and insight into our expanding methodology. The other added benefit is the remarkable students we met and continue to meet. I believe we have hired over 11 CSCers since the program started.”
-- Virginia Emmons – Co-founder; Educate Tomorrow

 “Wow! There is so many memories. I would say my fondest memory is attending the intervisions. The Master's in Community & Social Change Program is a vibrant family. A family that is made up of a collection of individuals who are aspiring to make this world a better place. We come from different walks in life: education, politics, sociology, psychology, business, etc. Be as it may, the beauty of it all is that we recognize that our collective voice will be key to creating a preventive transformation in society (rather than an ameliorative approach). So cheers to those who are not afraid to go to the grassroots of our societal issues, and strive to effectuate change!”
-- Rasheed Merrell  Assistant Solicitor General, Office of the Fulton County Solicitor General 

“I have been working for a non-profit organization that supports former foster and homeless youth for a couple of years now. I feel that although I am an experienced professional, I am still learning and growing as a social change agent due to the program. The Community and Social Change program has provided me with many different tools that I can absolutely use and continue to grow both personally and professionally. It is empowering being in a program that encourages you to continue being committed and passionate in making a difference.”
-- Lissette Otalvaro – Resource Center Manager, Educate Tomorrow

“My time in UM’s Community and Social Change program was an opportunity to grow in understanding and empathy, while sharpening my professional skills. The dialogue and assigned readings provided an in-depth review of various social issues and how we can begin to work with communities to address them. However, the program’s flexible nature allowed me to push myself to get the most out of my time in the program, allowing me to sharpen skills in writing, synthesizing information, time management, and project management.”
-- Jessica Diaz, Project Manager, Research Support, University of Miami Clinical and Translational Science Institute